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Terrazzo counters

Terrazzo is the best compromise between economy, design and durability for your kitchen counter.

Since 2007, Les Pierres Milestones have been specializing in the sale of terrazzo kitchen counters in Lasalle. Our company has its own team of installation specialists, working in Greater Montreal, on the South Shore and the North Shore.

Learn more about Terrazzo

Terrazzo is a composite that can be cut on-site or made to order. Various materials make up its composition: marble, quartz, granite, glass, etc. These elements are joined together by a cemented or chemical binding agent. Once hardened, polished and smoothed, terrazzo shows a smooth, aesthetic surface with a large palette of colours. It's also appreciated for its great mechanical strength and for its long lifespan (more than 25 years!).

A large selection of terrazzo for your counter

We're able to offer a large range of terrazzo for your kitchen's counter. You have the choice of colours, density and final appearance that corresponds to your tastes. We respect all the time you need to make your selection. If needed, our personnel can provide their advice suited to your project. You'll enjoy a highly personalized service. So stop by our showroom in Lasalle, we'll give you a warm welcome.