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Marble counters

Beautiful, refined, classic... a marble counter has definitive charm for those who wish to combine the best quality with simplicity in their kitchen.

Milestones, located in Lasalle, can offer you various models of marble kitchen counters at advantageous prices. Our services includes full installation.

From antiquity to our present day, marble is synonymous with prestige.

It figures among the most beautiful natural stones. It can bear a great variety of colours, formed from impurities captured during the stone's formation. Often appearing in lines, these impurities make the marble even more beautiful when it is cut. The choice of colours ranges from pure white to black, with all sorts of lines in between. Since antiquity, marble has been considered a stone of the best quality. A status that remains today, and justifiably so.

A timeless material

Stop by Les Pierres Milestones

Various models of marble counters are on display in our showroom. Don't hesitate to stop by, we'll have a warm welcome just for you. We can also guide you through the selection of the ideal counter for your kitchen and suited to your budget. Our inventory comes from many manufacturers, which allows us to negotiate the best prices for our own customers. The materials are chosen with the greatest care and each counter wears an excellent finish. We can travel all around Greater Montreal, the South Shore and the North Shore for installation.

We know how to guide you through the selection process of the ideal counter for your kitchen

With Milestones, your customized kitchen counter is delivered in less than two weeks.